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Metacognition in Action

Metacognition is commonly known as 'thinking about thinking.'

This sounds quite fuzzy and can be unhelpful.  


There is a complex interplay between metacognition, cognition, motivation, emotional awareness and prosocial skills. Therefore, a more useful definition of metacognition is how you manage, monitor and review your thinking.  


Being human means that all the other factors which influence our thinking and learning are inextricably linked.

More on metacognition...

By managing, monitoring and reviewing how we think (metacognition), we can successfully move from recognising and comparing our feelings of motivation in past events or situations ( self-concept) to measuring our expectations about success e.g. determination of effort, persistence and goal setting, which is known as self-efficacy. Self-efficacy helps determine the way in which we behave. If we think we are being successful, we are more likely to be motivated to put more effort into a task- success precedes motivation.

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