New book published 1st October 2021!

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The perfect guide to help you embed metacognitive approaches to your teaching.

 Metacognition-being aware of your own ways of thinking- is popular in education but it is not always obvious how it links to teaching practice and how to teach it explicitly.

This book translates meaningful concepts from research literature not only into practical strategies to try in your classroom but it also gives you the opportunity to reflect on metacognitive strategies that you already use.

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Have you ever felt like workplace politics were distracting you from doing your job? Ever been lost for words in a difficult conversation with a colleague? The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher is a unique guide to managing your emotions in order to enhance teaching, boost wellbeing and combat power struggles in schools.

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Everyone working in education has a story to tell; stories which fill your hearts with joy, stories which inspire you, stories which have you laughing out loud and stories which have you shaking your head in disbelief! Whether it may be that dreaded time a child escaped from the classroom by jumping out of the ground floor window, or the mystical powers of a wet paper towel used by teachers to ‘cure’ a myriad of ailments, there are so many memorable moments that happen in classrooms every single day.


Below are a selection of articles I have written for educational websites. 

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