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#TinyVoiceTalks Podcast Wednesday 29th June 2022

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World Book Day Celebrations 2022 with #DiverseEd

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Really excited to be presenting a session on metacognition on 23rd March 2022 from 15.15-16.30 BST, where I will be taking a closer look at the definitions of metacognition, how to explore it further and how effectively move KS1-KS3 pupils from self-concept to self-efficacy.

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Thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day 2022 by talking about my book with fellow diverse educators. 

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RSAT Learning Festival 


Optimus Education- Realising Potential Conference

Thursday 17 Mar 2022 - Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 #oePotential

It was an absolute speaking about Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning at the RSAT Learning Festival.

In the session we delved into the three strands of self-regulated learning: motivation, metacognition and cognition. We the links between all three strands in detail and how they interplay with each other with the main focus being on how teaching metacognitive strategies explicitly such as: planning, monitoring and self- reflection, can help develop self-efficacy, self-regulation and result in self-regulated learning.

Attendees will develop and deepen their understanding of the three strands of self-regulated learning and how teaching metacognitive strategies explicitly can help develop this and impact on pupils positively.

Thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the lovely Toria Bono explaining what metacognition is and what it isn't, slaying myths around it and sharing ways to develop it in the classroom.

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Teachers Talk Radio Podcast 25th May 2021

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It was an absolute pleasure speaking  with Dan Edwards about my journey into teaching and writing my new book: Think!: Metacognition-powered Primary Teaching.

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